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FIR Newsletter April 2018

Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany) promotes recycling

The province of Sachsen-Anhalt has issued a guideline for the production and use of recycled aggregates. Whereas recycling of C&DW is already at a relevant level, Sachsen-Anhalt considers that recycling needs another boost. The guideline is still in draft and will be discussed with stakeholders. It clearly states the need for recycling as transport distances for primary materials are often long and landfill space is scarce and costly. Quality assured recycled aggregates are considered to be equal to primary aggregates. The guideline also emphasises that such quality assured recycled aggregates are acknowledged to constitute a product and not a waste. The guideline is meant to support the use of recycled aggregates. Every use of environmentally compatible recycled aggregates brings Sachsen-Anhalt closer to a Circular Economy.

Recycling of construction EPS takes off!

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in construction applications is known for its good insulation properties, although its recycling poses some challenges. A challenge in the recycling of construction EPS is the presence of HBCD, a brominated flame retardant and a persistent organic pollutant (POP). Since 2016 HBCD may no longer be used. A limit value as trace contamination is set at 100 ppm for products placed on the market and at 1000 ppm for waste containing HBCD. Using regular recycling technologies HBCD would not be removed, making EPS non-recyclable. A joint project of partners throughout the industry will now change this: PolyStyreneLoop. With a EU Life grant a novel technology, CreaSolv® Proces based on polymer dissolution was developed which enables separation of HBCD while producing high quality new General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS). HBCD is destroyed in a hazardous waste incinerator after wich bromine is recovered. A large-scale demonstration plant of 3,000 tonnes per year will be built this year in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. When the plant is in operation, the concept will be copied to other regions in the EU.
More information: https://polystyreneloop.org/

Spanish association RCDA supports CE Marking for its associates

CE marking is mandatory for the commercialization of recycled aggregates, and will be one of the requirements (together with technical compliance for a given application, and environmental requirements) that determine the condition of “End of Waste” in recycled aggregates. The marking includes the evaluation of the product, the certification of factory production control, and the declaration of conformity.
Companies in Spain CE marking recycled aggregates through the RCDA Association, have the best conditions for external audits.

FIR lecture in Sofia

On 16 February a high-level round table discussion took place in Sofia on the Circular Economy, organised by the Bulgarian Association of Recycling. The necessary steps for Bulgaria to set steps towards a Circular Economy were the main issue. Representatives of the European Commission set out the strategies and targets, also highlighting the new strategy for plastics. FIR Secretary General Geert Cuperus explained how recycling of C&DW has developed in some successful Member States and pointed out the lessons to be learned from that. The EU protocol for the management of C&DW was also mentioned, to which FIR has given a major contribution.

New national member in FIR

Recently ARV Baustoff Recycling Schweiz joined FIR. ARV is the Swiss association representing recyclers of Construction & Demolition Waste. ARV was established in 1990 and since then it has acquired a main position and acknowledgement by all parties. In Swiss some 14 million tonnes of C&DW arise annually, of which members of ARV recycle a main part. ARV has done much work on establishing quality standards for recycled aggregates. It continuous working to increase the acceptance of recycling and thereby also encourages international exchange of knowledge and experience. FIR is happy to offer a platform for that.

Factsheet on recycled aggregates

As we have informed earlier, it is the aim of FIR to provide information to all on various matters related to the recycling of Construction- & Demolition Waste and Incinerator Bottom Ash. Therefore, we started working on factsheets. A new factsheet has recently been uploaded to the FIR website. This factsheet focuses on recycled aggregates with a specific look at the situation in The Netherlands. The factsheet can be found here